Kaerdon welcome you

You're now flying with Kaerdon.
Great things are about to happen!
A guardian, a protector,
a teacher and a student

I'm Kaerdon the messenger of the gods
Bound by purpose to this humanity and universe

A long time ago,
very long in your time,
barely a whisper in mine,
I came onto this world

An old song for a very old story

As some strange legends, come back and forth time to time.
Kaerdon comes from the collective unconscious
to the surface through art, songs, and text.
One of the last time this occur was in the middle of the 90's in a song
from a belgian band called scatophagus

I will be born

In the beginning of world
was born a son of God
he was called Kaerdon
he know the past and the futur
he receive the feeling of peace and love
he must just be a teacher of human
he come on our world
I'm Kaerdon the guardian of peace and protector of love
as long as i live i will teach the human being in the way of light.
so many secret are inside your heart
This is the way of love and immortality, it's a way of pure love
Clean your mind
by the power of your love destroy your ego
choosing my way the way of light
The power is the extreme control of your mind
that control must be directly from you heart to be good
please ear me to save your life from the dark lords of the earth
Unconsciousness is the better weapon of dark lords
Ear the voice of dream and be.
now you have the real power
I teach the way of light
The good way pass by the love
just walk that way or perish
in the way of light
i know your futur
ear me and believe me
you will be my parents

In loving memory of

Jean-Christophe Drossart

Who was a brother to many, the singer of this band.

Born 23/07/1973 Dead 26/07/2022. We miss you bro!